• Hi! Welcome to My Photography Blog, I'm originally from Argentina but Lived in Vegas for ...Well...a long time....almost 15 YEARS!!!! and LOVE it ! I'm a photographer inside and out, My passion lies in photographing babies, moms to be, kids and people that love each other for that matter....pretty much love is my subject!!!
    I'm Mom to an amazing little 2 years old called Leon ana married to the love of my life! We have our little 4 legged first love called Kubuli ….We enjoy the outdoors ! Triathlons, coffee, dining and all the things we can do together as a family!



What to wear for Maternity Photos- Las Vegas maternity photographer

So Often I get asked what to wear for maternity photos, well….it all comes down to the style you are looking for, the level of nudity or lack of there of you are going for. In my pre session consultations we always start talking about this to set up the tone of the session, I […]

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10 days new… Las Vegas Newborn photographer

A Baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for…. This little baby really enjoy having his newborn photos taken in the comfort of his own home, he slept and cuddle with his 5 year old big brother for as […]

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Happy Weekend everybody!! I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful family last weekend! Baby K was awake for most of the photography session but he was a peaceful, obsevant and very alert…very rear for a 5 days new baby, he really was taking it all in! His sister was really happy to have him […]

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If you let them wild in the desert…. they will run….and so they did…

This family of 5 have friends of mine for a while…they are funny, loving, and super crazy….how could they not? They are both succesful business owners, amazing parents and they have 3….3 ….3 KIDS!!!!!!  you know you are brave when you have 3 kids… We took a stroll through the desert and it did not […]

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Las Vegas sunset are the most beautiful sunsets…

Some times winter can be a tough time to do family photos, but this winter season  has shown to be lovely, this session speaks to my heart, the warmth, the desert, and sunset are alway a combination that inspires profoundly on me, this family goes on hikes and has a special love for the desert […]

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