What to wear for Maternity Photos- Las Vegas maternity photographer

So Often I get asked what to wear for maternity photos, well….it all comes down to the style you are looking for, the level of nudity or lack of there of you are going for.

In my pre session consultations we always start talking about this to set up the tone of the session, I think the cloth has to be planned accordingly.

 are you having your photos done indoors or outdoors?

If  outdoors, do you want them lifestyle, or artsy? I think this is a very important distinction, if you are going for a more artsy,  look gowns , transparencies , and drapery is most likely the way to go.

If you are having your session in your home or at the studio you can do a combination.

In this session , as it was in the middle of the summer we opted for an indoor lifestyle oriented session, mom felt comfortable with showing skin , she did want to showcase her belly , so we still did that maintaining the “home” feel .

In the session bellow however, mom was looking for a more artsy look, did not mind the transparencies at the beach and it showed beautifully.

In the above session mom wanted a combination but didn’t want to risk the nudity on the outdoors , so the pop of color did the trick beautifully!

I think the most important thing though, is to be truth to your style, and wear something you LOVE! plan ahead and HAVE A PRE SESSION CONSULTATION with your photographer, THIS IS KEY! that is where the magic happens!

If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

till next time


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